What Was Important in July

What has been important to me in July: 

-finding asana again. Cultivating an unguided solo practice that is very, very slow 

-patience with kids

-energy and enthusiasm with kids

-Friday mornings with my dear friend, Gabby.

-my new side job acting (lol!) in ESL videos with Jon

-Thinking (and reading and listening and having conversations) about cultural appropriation in yoga. Grappling with how (and if???) westerners should teach yoga. Thinking about my relationship with a practice that is very far from my own ancestry, how to respect it. This is energizing my desire to research and understand yogic philosophy and history.

-Finishing my second month of philosophy study with Paramahansa Yogananda’s autobiography

-Hosting couch surfers

-dreaming up travel/study plans

-keeping a budget to realize those travel/study plans

-keeping a full jug of espresso in the fridge