Here is a Fine Place to Be.

We left Baltimore in December. 

We left Victoria in February. 

We left Prague in March. 

All this moving and preparing has been for a teaching job in Vietnam. This week we completed our training with APAX English in Hanoi and signed our contracts. The finding and formulating is done. The work of the last four months came together on the dotted line and finally we are planted. 

This past week we learned the APAX teaching methodology and trained with a group of other new recruits. Up at six, asleep at 12, rehearsing lessons and learning the structure of the foreseeable future. 

This is my good excuse for not spinning poi this week. I don't feel bad. (almost) This week was my forgivable anomaly - the other days in April have started on my roof, spinning. Play Poi's beginner series is a wonderful tool. Everything is broken down into clear choreography. I've taught myself a handful of basic moves and slowly have started pulling them together. Some things are second nature now and I can spin to music and getting a little lost once in a while. So far my new favourites are GRiZ, Tipper and Moon Hooch. 

The highlight of the month was spinning at the Hanoi circus meet up. A friendly stranger pointed to me and said, "You're ready for fire!" I disagreed and he asked to see what I could do. "No, you can totally do that with fire." He handed me two flaming poi. 

I'll continue my morning practice this week as I get settled into teaching. 

Today marks one month living in Vietnam. I'm eating meat again (PHO!) and drinking coffee. My hair is huge in the humidity and my ankles are prey to mosquitos. I ride my motorbike everyday. It was scary for a week and now it feels like freedom. I found a yoga studio, a book club, and a friendly man to buy veggies from. I get to work barefoot and use a green screen to make music videos with my students. 

It took me two years to decide I loved Baltimore. I'm surprised how easy it is to love Hanoi. Here is a fine place to be.

Here are some personal/professional intentions I have:

  • fill my free time (weekday mornings and afternoons!) with yoga, poi and reading
  • dress up for work, even when it's 40 degrees out
  • assume everyone has nothing but the best intentions, communicate accordingly 
  • arrive early, leave prepared
  • learn everyone's name quickly
  • eat a mangos and listen to jam bands every day