April: Spinning Poi

We live in a four story house with a rooftop terrace. Jon and I set up our hammock and yoga mats there. We eat breakfast and if the smog is low we can see the lake.

Having a consistent home base opens up possibility for practice. In the last two months I have been careful to choose intentions that could be thrown in a back pack and taken somewhere else. Now I have a place to put my shoes and my sleeping bag is in storage.

In April intend to teach myself to spin poi. I’m starting from square one. I have two orange socks full of rice and some youtube channels for lessons. Mostly it will be me on the roof flailing with socks. I have also found a group of circus/flow artists that meet weekly in Hanoi.

Last month I needed motion. Any motion. This month I want to teach my body as new way of moving. More than one foot in front of the other. 

I was feeling inspired by Marlee Grace. She has a daily practice of improvised dance. http://www.personalpractice.space I want to wake up every morning. Bring my breakfast to the roof and spin socks around my head.

This is also an opportunity to hunt for music that makes me feel close to myself. I have felt lazy with my listening. I have habits and old favourites. This month needs good music, and lots of it. I called on friends who are flow artists and dancers for the music that moves them. I have a growing playlist and dozens of artist that are brand new to me. 

It’s also just because spinning poi is sexy.  

This month’s intention is also in service of meditation. Giving myself something new in the body/movement/mindful tool belt. Where as walking is the most natural movement I know, spinning poi is a new language to speak.