Walking as Art/Meditation/ Movement/Discovery

If I listen to what I want it’s movement.

As I was working in my art journal I felt a nagging “should” constantly. You’ve been at your desk all day – this is beautiful yes but you need to get up.

I didn’t think practicality had a place in the year of Big Possible – but it must. That’s alright. My next daily practice needs to fit the rhythm of my life. Working in an art journal served a very important part of me, but I felt anxious to be up and going all month.

I work all day and barely breathe fresh air except walking the 20 feet from school to our apartment. Maybe to get groceries if I am lucky. Rarely (and usually at the cost of skipping a journal page) I run along the river near my home. I went from take 15,000 – 20,000 steps a day to maybe 5,000.

I asked my mother what can I do that’s movement, but not yoga again, that’s not running. Something that is of art and spirit and body?

Walking. At first it’s too simple. Walking isn’t big or fast or brave or art.

Then I realize I’m wrong about all those things and that it’s perfect. And it’s exactly what my life needs.

My guru, Adhikari, had us do walking meditation on Vipassana retreats.

Richard Long, Janine Antoni, Marina Abramovic. They all walked.

I want fresh air every day before I sit in a desk and learn to teach.

For five years I lived in a city I was afraid to walk through. I’ve probably never been to a city as safe as Prague. I could get as lost as I please and never really be in danger. Better yet, in two weeks we will move to Hanoi and stay there for a while. Walking will be how I learn that city and make it feel like home.

Questions for March.

What if I let myself get lost?

What if I wandered without fearing other people or losing my way?

What if I accidentally discovered new places every day?

What if I got to know a city by walking through it?

What if I walked without distraction? No music, podcasts or maps?

What if I used walking as meditation?

In March I intend to wake up and walk. As art, as exercise and as meditation. I intend to carry a compass and add to it each day.