Place: Germany & Czech Republic

Practice: Art Journaling

The first thing I did when I moved away for college was cover my dorm room walls with Sabrina Ward Harrison’s artwork. Through high school I obsessed over her journals. I emulated her loopy ink cursive and paint-y collage. I hadn’t seen an artist master “messy” before. Her books Spilling Open and The True and The Questions were what made me want to be an artist. 

In Baltimore I was ready to make big, bright, raw, journals.

At MICA I was exposed to a brand new world. I learned to take myself and my art seriously. That was an incredible gift. On so many occasions I had tough critiques about how I was using text in my paintings. When it worked. When it didn’t. When “mess” was intentional and when it was lazy. I often felt like that way of making wasn’t good enough for MICA.  

It’s not fair to say I got side tracked. I made paintings, movies, quilts and installations. I polished my crafts.

But if you ask me who my favorite artist is, it’s still Sabrina. I hope it always is.  

My BFA didn’t spoil my art. It pushed me to take myself and my practice seriously. For that, I’m grateful. But I miss my mess. When I think about the kind of art I want to use to document my traveling its this.


February is for low art.

For being sloppy and true.

For journal pages that stick together.

For maps of Prague, metro tickets, spilled beer and glitter glue.

For the kind of art that made me feel authentic when I was a teenager.

For the kind of art I want to teach one day.


I intention for February is to work in my journal daily and rediscover good mess.