The Last Month

The beginning of the end!

It is surreal to be in Hanoi when the season change. I see Christmas decorations up and it makes me feel a little bit like I’m on Mars. A “cold” day is still 20 degrees. “Why are people celebrating when its like… July?”  The weather makes it feel like time has stalled. We’ve almost been away for a whole year. Thankfully the dissonance helps me not feel homesick during the holidays.

Teaching is a good feeling. Some of my older students won prizes for creativity and performances in their video projects this week and I’ve started teaching private lessons to the world’s smartest/cutest four year old. (Thank goodness he’s still into Play-Doh)

For Christmas Jon and I are staying at an ashram in Ubud, Bali. We’re planning on meditating, chanting and motor biking through the holidays.

I had lot of ideas about how to end this year. Her is my shot to pick one final, epic intention. I thought about doing a little bit of everything. I thought about drawing. I thought about revisiting meditation and coming full circle.

Instead I’m doing something deeply simple and to the point.

In December I intend to draw every day. I went to my little art supply store and bought off-brand Copic markers for 50 cents a piece. 

I've been torn about whether or not to publicly document the drawings. This has been a consideration all year. Sharing makes me accountable. It's another way to stay in touch with people and not feel so far away. It's a way to stay in conversation. 

It's also keeps me online, scrolling through. It becomes very difficult to silence the voice that wants to be impressive, funny and "good" at it. This will be another offline intention.