98 Pages of Love

I love this month. It is nearly the end of November with a fat journal full of letters. I have written 27 letters. That's 98 pages are telling people why I love them. Three more days to go. 

Hanoi is cold enough for jackets. I cat sit and meditate on the patio in the morning comfortably. Sometimes I even need a blanket. I feel more like myself in the cold. I feel more like myself when I’m a little bundled up.

Good things about November in Hanoi:

-wearing pants!

-My students are funny

-Stephanie visited us – I got a fix of family

-Dave and Kristen are coming to visit – another fix of family

-hair is almost reaching wo-man bun status

-hot bubble tea is a thing

-hot che is a thing!

- Jon and I started hosting a weekly meditation group

-long walks around west lake in the morning

-my head teacher is awesome

This month’s intention to write letters has become my favourite. I love the ritual of sitting in my patio chair with hot tea and waiting for the right person to appear in my mind. Sometimes it’s not someone I expect. Sometimes I have to ask “Is this a person I say “I love you” to? The answer is always “Well if I don’t, then I want to!”

The 27 people I have written to come from very different moments in my life. My family, old lovers, old friends, people I knew briefly, people I have only known since living in Vietnam. People from my life in Canada, from university, from teaching English. I know some remarkable people.

When I planned this month I didn’t consider that these letter would turn into dialogues. I haven’t just sent 27 letters. I have received 27 back. I have had 27 conversations with people I love about how special our relationship is. True Resonance.