November: Love Letters

I asked my mother to decide on an intention for me. What would happen if I agreed to engage with an intention everyday that I had not chosen? What would someone else choose for me?

In typical Katy fashion, my mother nailed it. “Write a letter of gratitude every day.” My mum has done something similar herself. A year ago she walked along the harbour picking up stones off the beach. She made 20 necklaces with the stones and sent each of them to a woman she loves and admires.

In November I will write a love letter everyday. I will choose a person I love and I’ll spend a some time in the morning writing to them.

One of my core desired feelings is RESONANCE. For me this feels like the type of communication where to really hear someone and you feel really heard in return. Especially with other women. To resonate. To be truest of yourself back and forth with another person. To be generous with your listening and honest in your own sharing. To see and be deeply seen.

Feeling resonance with the people I love is harder when I am far away. Changing the way I use social media has given me the chance to communicate with people more personally and directly. I’m excited to sit down every morning and devote myself to communicating exactly why I love the people I love. I think (especially in platonic friendships) we are taught not to express our affection. Even in romantic and familial relationship I think we don’t often enough name what it is we appreciate in our loved ones.

In service of feeling greater resonance with the people I love, in November I will write a love letter every day.