My roaming starts with coming home.

I mean this literally – coming home to the place I grew up. Spending more time in the company of my family than I have in five years. Healing the fear I learned in Baltimore and taking advantage of the truly magic silence of British Columbia.

I also mean coming home to my mind and body. I am sure the most important thing I know how to do it meditate. Two and a half years ago I began practicing with a small sangha in Baltimore. This lead to a great deal of home practice and three silent retreats with great teachers. However, I struggle to sit daily.

Dhamma Surabhi - Ten day Vipassana retreat at the beginning of 2015, Merrit, BC

Meditation is at the very top of my “should do” list. I feel most guilt for not practicing meditation daily because I know how profoundly it affects me. When I practice every day I am patient, grateful and empathetic. There is a calmness I cannot put my finger on. I am less reactive. It becomes easier to move through the world when I stop identifying with impatience, judgment, guilt and even joy. 

These are things I want to carry across the world as we travel. I also want to take a feeling of sturdiness and capability. Not just in theory and thought, but in the action of moving my body. This is where yoga becomes important.

When I started practicing yoga at 16 it was one more way to workout. I found it again after developing my meditation practice. Yoga, rightly, has become my physical expression of mindfulness. When asana makes me feel capable, meditation checks my ego. When asana heals my body, meditation sustains my heart and takes down my walls.

Meditation inquires. Asana exclaims.

Jon and I will live in Victoria for one month before traveling to Berlin and then Prague to take TEFL training. My intention this month is to have a daily yoga and meditation practice as a way of setting a solid foundation for the year we are about to have. Before going out to inquire and participate, I want to sharpen the tool.

The Year of Big Possible is beginning with the incredible gift of home. In place and in heart. It begins with big silence, deep inquiry, mindful movement and consistent practice.